Cichlid Research and Reference on the Web


Cichlid Fishes of Lake Malawi -**extensive scientific information**

Cichlid Research Homepage -lots of info. and links

Cichlid Room Companion -info. links, articles

Cichlid Press -books and reference service

Cichlid News -published quarterly

The Gas Station

The Cichlid-forum -largest web cichlid discussion



Cichlid Clubs/Associations


Ohio Cichlid Association

American Cichlid Association

Greater Chicago Cichlid Association

Raleigh Aquarium Society

Charlotte Area Aquarists Society

Hill Country Cichlid Club



Cichlid Forums


Cichlid Forums -all cichlids

Carolina Fish Talk -research triangle, NC



Online African Cichlid Dealers & Importers


**Something Fishy -Cleveland, OH

**Tom's Tanganyikans  -New Hyde Park, NY

**Neptune Aquatics -San Jose, CA

Cichlid Lovers -Phoenix, AZ

The Cichlid Exchange -Portland, OR


** Denotes dealers I have dealt with personally and recommend



Cichlid Photo Reference


Malawi and Victorian Cichlids -excellent Photo ID for many Lake Victoria species 

Exotic Tropicals -San Antonio, TX; photo gallery

Tanganyikan Fish -in Russian

Malawi Fish -in Russian



Other Useful Links


Lake Malawi Tours -visit Lake Malawi 

Jehmco -feed and fishroom supplies

Aquabid -auctions

Fish Link Central -start your searches here! -filtration, disease treatment

MalawiMayhem -Vancouver, BC

Planet Catfish -comprehensive catfish site

Malawi Cichlids -European site 



Miscellaneous Fish Links -all types cichlid info.

SiamCrowntail -discus and cichlid hatchery, Thailand

General Fish Forums -all types of fish

Aqua-Fish -database

Sponge Filter -blog -curved glass and contemporary aquariums

CLC Discus -Malaysia discus hatchery for cichlid books, etc..



U.S. Native Fish Research/Advocacy


North American Native Fish Association

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

American  Fisheries Society -international organization





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