12/15/03 New photo and description, "Haplochromis" sp. "kenya gold"


12/01/03 New photo and description, Nimbochromis venustus


11/15/03 New photo and description, Pundamilia igneopinnis


11/01/03 New photo and description, Neolamprologus nigriventris, and new gallery Macro Images.


10/15/03 New photo, Pseudotropheus sp. "polit" and article, Pseudotropheus sp. "polit"


10/01/03 New photo and description, Varibilichromis moorii


9/15/03 New photo and description, Pseudotropheus sp. "acei", and new photo, Metriaclima estherae (male blue form).


8/30/03 New photos and descriptions, Lithochromis rufus (aka "red pseudonigricans") and Chilotilapia rhoadesii.


8/15/03 New photo and description, Labidochromis sp. "red top kimpuma" and new photo Neolamprologus leleupi.


5/24/03 Summer Update (I will be unable to update June & July; next update in August) New photo and descriptions, Crytocara moorii, Julidochromis regani "mboka", Protomelas spilonotus "tanzania", Sciaenochromis fryeri.  New articles, Neolamprologus cylindricus, Pseudotropheus sp. "red-top ndumbi", and Juvenile Aulonocara:  is it male or female?.  Special photo gallery featuring Cynotilapia afra "cobue".


5/10/03 New photo updates, Metriaclima aurora, Pseudotropheus sp. "polit", Tropheus brichardi "katonga", Aulonocara sp. "lwanda" female.


4/27/03 New photo updates, Ptyochromis sp. "hippo point salmon" and "Haplochromis" sp. 44


4/15/03 New photo updates, Aulonocara jacobfreibergi "mamelela", Cyprichromis leptosoma "malasa" (yellow morph), Cyprichromis leptosoma "malasa" (blue morph)


4/01/03 New photo updates, Labidochromis sp. "hongi", Labidochromis caeruleus, Protomelas sp. "steveni taiwan" (female),  and Pseudotropheus sp. "polit" (female).


3/15/03 New photo and description, Cyprichromis sp. "jumbo kitumba" and new photos, Aulonocara stuartgranti "ngara" and

Synodontis petricola


3/01/03 New article on Pseudotropheus saulosi and new photo Metriaclima aurora.  Hosting servers changes; Please notify of any problems viewing content.


2/15/03 New photo and description, Aulonocara stuartgranti "cobue" and new photo, Neolamprologus brichardi "albino".


2/01/03 New photo and description, Aulonocara sp. "lwanda".


1/15/03 New photo, Aulonocara stuartgranti "maleri" and new photo, Cynotilapia afra "cobue".


1/01/03 New photo and description, Enantiopus sp. "kilesa".




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